I am a multi-award winning film and video producer with 12 years of experience in film and video content development and production.

I have a very good understanding of filmmaking technics from script development to on location directing to post production.

She has helped many individuals to develop their ideas, projects and scripts for the big and small screen.

A successful development requires:

  • commitment to developing the project

  • understanding of the importance of the Internet during all stages of development

This is achieved by planning, researching and improving projects and ideas during the development stage. 

It also means following online marketing and distribution trends as well as building awareness of the project well before it is completed.

Social media strategy has to be an integral part of the project development. It is not only about making your project a reality but also finding audience and support for your project early on.

Before one starts a production thorough preparation is needed including: script development, social media strategy, financing, pre-production (contracts, finding cast & crew, locations etc.)


This includes the following services (we can either work on one point or all of them). We will sit down in person or during Skype conversation and I can also prepare pdf. file for you with all the information:

1. Script analysis and feedback.

2. Action plan: What to do next, once you have your script ready to go?

3. Ways to finance your project.

4. Social media strategy.

5. Distribution ideas.





During the story development stage we will sit down together (or communicate via Skype) and analyse your script or pitch. We will look at the structure and ways to improve your characters, story or pitching style. Together we will develop the story/pitch that is original and one of a kind making it ready  for the production stage or pitching stage.

If you’d rather hire me to write the script for you, develop the script or the pitch, I’m more than comfortable doing that.

Download my Writer’s CV Jan. 2017

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A well planned production is a cornerstone to any successful film and video production. Having your own videos and visual content produced will add an enormous value to your final product/idea.

I can produce your final film/video or work with you on developing your idea as a consultant. 

Magdalena Olchawska Film Producer CV

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“Magda is an incredibly creative and talented storyteller. She will help you to understand what works in your script and what doesn’t. Her comments are always very knowledgeable and insightful. As an experienced filmmaker, Magda will also help you to avoid the most common production pitfalls. She is the best mentor you could wish for.” Ella Gancarz // Film Producer and Director
“I want to say a big big thank you to you for all you have done to make this project possible !! I could try to write more words but they’d probably not express enough appreciation for all the time and energy that you have put into the films, so from my heart a big big thank you once again !!” // John L. Browning Chairman Eurythmy Therapy Association
“Magda is passionate about filmmaking. She works with great enthusiasm and energy.” // Ingrid Hermansen Kairos Rehabilitation