Who Am I?

I am a multi-award winning film and video producer with 12 years of experience in film and video content development and production, which gave me a very good understanding of various filmmaking techniques from script development through on-location directing to post production.

I’m a creative thinker with ability to work quickly, effectively and independently in a high pressure environment, which gives me confidence to deliver a full range of high impact online video content for various social platforms. My editorial experience combined with a passion for crafting content for social channels allows me to continually exceed my client’s goals. My solid understanding of all trends and techniques relating to the social media space helps me in developing realistic project timeline for producing high quality, innovative and brilliant stories.

Over the years I have successfully delivered many projects on budget and on time for both, individuals and businesses; helping them develop their ideas, projects and scripts for the big and small screen.

From my experience I know that successful development requires:

– Courage and confidence to develop ideas.

– Long-term commitment allowing to properly develop the project or idea.

– Editorial content & social strategy that focus on integrity and expediency, ensuring every piece of published content delivers and is distinctly recognisable to increase perception of your ideas, products or business. 

If you are thinking of developing or producing your film, video or content I can definitely help you with this.


What Do I Offer?


I’m passionate about storytelling and to me a film or a video is always about the story.The story always comes first in my productions; that is why I devote significant period of time to developing the story before shooting it.

I strongly believe that  having your own videos and visual content produced will add an enormous value to your final product/idea will increase its exposure.

I also strongly believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell and there has never been a better time to share stories than now when the access to global audience is so easy.


Development in film production means working on the script. It is practically re-writing what already has been written to make the story and the characters more interesting and more intriguing for the reader of the script and the audience.

I can work with you  on your own script as a consultant or I can write a script for you based on your idea, short story or book.


I have been making films for 12 years now and over that time I have gathered quite significant amount of knowledge. So whether you are new or not to film production and find yourself in need of an consultant I’m here to help. I have consulted projects in pre-production, production or post-production and I specialise in social media strategies and planning of audience engagement and advocacy during all stages of production.

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Magdalena Olchawska Film Producer CV

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“Magda is an incredibly creative and talented storyteller. She will help you to understand what works in your script and what doesn’t. Her comments are always very knowledgeable and insightful. As an experienced filmmaker, Magda will also help you to avoid the most common production pitfalls. She is the best mentor you could wish for.” Ella Gancarz // Film Producer and Director
“I want to say a big big thank you to you for all you have done to make this project possible !! I could try to write more words but they’d probably not express enough appreciation for all the time and energy that you have put into the films, so from my heart a big big thank you once again !!” // John L. Browning Chairman Eurythmy Therapy Association
“Magda is passionate about filmmaking. She works with great enthusiasm and energy.” // Ingrid Hermansen Kairos Rehabilitation